About Agility

We transform how you work

Agility Partners is a leading information technology services and consulting provider. We help companies integrate, consolidate and optimize operations that transform the way they work as organizations. By streamlining your systems, applications and data across your entire enterprise, we can help you improve agility and increase performance, all while reducing risk and costs.

Our goal is to create a long-term partnership with you. We work together to understand your business objectives and align strategy, process and technology. Since our foundation in 1996 by Todd Ketchum, a former member of Lotus Development Corporation’s worldwide consulting group, Agility Partners has attracted the interests of major corporate and government agencies throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Today, technology is changing faster than ever and we’re helping our clients keep pace with solutions that keep them on the forefront with less cost and risk — and more innovative solutions.

Make the most of technology

By turning challenges into exciting opportunities, we’re adept at driving innovation and turning our insight into technology foundations that work for you. Our strength is our ability to prioritize and deliver creative and sound solutions on time and on budget. We empower our clients to become more competitive and efficient through technology-enabled solutions that deliver outstanding results.