Cloud Benefits

What business benefits does the cloud deliver?

Among others:

  • Lower and/or more predictable IT costs. Instead of buying and managing your own infrastructure, and hoping it will pay off over time, you can move applications to a public cloud — where your bills will be determined by your actual use of those applications.
  • Simplified IT management. The cloud host now handles most of the routine technical issues associated with applications, like buying necessary resources, implementing configuration changes, and installing new application versions and patches.
  • More scalable services. Public clouds typically have very large resource pools (memory, storage, processing power and even network bandwidth) that are leveraged to help your services scale very rapidly in time of need.
  • A clearer focus on what you do best. When you don’t have to worry about managing the IT hardware and software responsible for everyday services, like email, you can concentrate more time and money on what really matters: standing out in a competitive market.