Email and Calendar

Manage your email and calendar with SmartCloud Notes (formerly LotusLive)

Lotus Notes users are already familiar with this solution’s leading email, contact management and calendar capabilities. SmartCloud Notes takes those capabilities and stirs them into an IBM cloud — offering top-tier scalability, simplified management and improved cost controls.

SmartCloud Notes is also remarkably flexible in terms of deployment options. You can, for instance, choose to deploy it as a pure-cloud model (in which IBM’s cloud is responsible for all Notes services at your company) or a hybrid model (IBM’s cloud logically links to a Notes instance maintained inside your company’s walls). The user experience will remain constant either way.

Because SmartCloud Notes can be accessed from inside any standard browser, your users can use their choice of smartphones and tablets to access the service – a very convenient feature.

And thanks to IBM’s extensive security portfolio — IBM has been named Best Security Company by SC Magazine — you’ll find that your users are well protected from spam, viruses, worms and other forms of malware. The solution also supports extensive multi-layered encryption, including SSL, secure password recovery and digital signatures.