E-Mail Migration

Migrating your organization’s email can be scary business. Fortunately, at Agility Partners, we’re well versed in driving even the most complex migration. With the successful transition of hundreds of thousands of mailboxes under our belt, we know how to meet the challenges and make the move without impacting your users or interrupting the flow of business.

Collaborative Solutions

Agility Partners offers a range of consulting services centered around Microsoft© and Lotus© collaborative products. We help you define the right approach, develop a clear strategy and implement an optimal solution that not only increases operational efficiency and reduces risks, but also positions you for future growth across your organization.

Technology Infrastructure

Our portfolio of Technology Infrastructure services helps create dynamic IT environments that are cost efficient, scalable and extremely flexible. We provide the design, engineering and tactical planning services needed to reduce the risk of integrating new technology and enable the kind of business innovation that gives companies a competitive edge.