Domino Management

IBM Lotus Domino® is a proven platform for hosting social business applications at a low total cost of ownership. It’s a reliable, scalable and security-rich social business application platform that can help you accelerate business operations, improve decision-making and enhance productivity. Domino supports a wide variety of business processes, such as customer relationship management, marketing, product development, human resources, supply chain management, and more. Most importantly, it provides industry-leading security features to help safeguard business-critical information.

Agility Partners can help you better leverage Domino within your environment to obtain optimal response times and improved efficiencies, including:

  • Provide better messaging and calendaring with enhanced tools
  • Automate approval-driven processes with built-in workflows and messaging engines
  • Increase flexibility and choice in supported hardware platforms, operating systems, directories and client devices.
  • Minimize administration needs through automated installations, policies and monitoring
  • Maximize server availability with advanced clustering, transaction logging, server-fault recovery and automated diagnostic tools