How do I get to the cloud?

Not all applications and services are ideally suited to a public cloud — and not all cloud hosts are created equal.

You’ll want to select the right mix of applications for cloud migration, and a host whose strengths and capabilities are exceptionally well suited to that mix. You may also need a partner to help you make the various choices required, create a tailored strategy designed specifically for your requirements and orchestrate the execution of that strategy.

For email applications, like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, the best possible cloud hosts would be their creators: Microsoft and IBM. Fortunately, both of these organizations do indeed offer cloud-based versions: Microsoft Office 365 and IBM SmartCloud.

Agility Partners — a preferred partner of both Microsoft and IBM — has over sixteen years of successful experience in email migration projects of all kinds, and at all complexity levels.

We’ll work with you to determine the best possible cloud strategy, then migrate key applications to the cloud smoothly and efficiently — simultaneously migrating from one version to another, or even from one email platform to another, all based on your needs.